Hinweis Keynote Speakers

Dr. Guttur F. Ali Ahammed is an esteemed academic and currently serves as an Assistant Professor and the Head of the Department at Ghousia College of Engineering, Ramanagaram. With a distinguished career in academia, Dr. Ahammed has specialized in the field of Communication Networks, contributing significantly to both research and teaching in this domain.
Dr. Ahammed has an impressive publication record, with over 37 journal articles to his credit. His work has been widely recognized and cited in the academic community, reflecting his commitment to advancing knowledge in Communication Networks. Beyond his contributions to journals, Dr. Ahammed is an active participant in the scholarly community, having attended numerous international and national conferences and seminars. His expertise and leadership have also been acknowledged through his role as a session chair at many of these conferences. In addition to his research and conference activities, Dr. Ahammed is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of engineers and researchers. He has guided numerous Ph.D. and M.Tech students, providing them with the support and direction needed to succeed in their academic and professional careers.
Dr. Guttur F. Ali Ahammed's dedication to his field and his students, combined with his extensive research and leadership experience, make him a highly respected figure in the academic community. His contributions continue to inspire and shape the future of Communication Networks and engineering education.

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