Hinweis Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Farid Bin Abidin is a Professor at College of Engineering.He has been involved in several scholarly activities at various levels. Internationally, he was appointed as a "guest lecturer" at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2017 and "visiting lecturer" at Semarang State University in 2020 and 2021. He has been involved in 12 researches totalling more than RM 1,000,000. In terms of publication, he has published almost 100 papers in indexed journals and international conferences mainly in Power Quality, Application of Artificial Intelligent (AI) in Power Engineering and Education in Engineering. He successfully graduated 4 PhD students and 3 master students as main supervisor and currently, he is supervising 5 PhD students. He is actively involve in concultancy services with vaious industry in Malaysia. He has obtained professional qualifications including Professional Engineer from the Board of Engineers Malaysia and Energy Manager from Malaysia Green Technology

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